Sunday, November 11, 2012

kiev check list

Every time I travel, the same problem haunts me - over packing! Whether it's a one-day trip or a month-long vacation, my suitcase is always looooaded with clothes that I cram in with the same excuses: "it might get freezing", or "I can't live without this shirt". And every time I come back home, half the clothes laying on the bottom of the suitcase untouched, I swear I'll pack only the essentials next time. Numerous and mostly unsuccessful attempts to do so have given me motivation to finally try harder and pack a perfect suitcase. :)

Last weekend my friend and I attended a college fair in Kiev. It was a fun fun fun fun fun trip! But I'll tell you more about it in the next post :) Now I'd like to share a couple of tips I've found very useful when packing for Kiev.

Firstly, it's good to plan ahead how many days you are going to spend there, and what events are you going to attend. For me it was 2 days (it turned out 3, 'cause we couldn't get tickets home, but that's another story), and I needed casually formal clothes (if there is such a thing :)) for the fair, and something warm and comfortable to wear around the city. So here's a check list I came up with:

1. warm coat, scarf&gloves - fall essentials
2. black jeans, white silk blouse and an oversized cardigan for the fair
3. denim shirt and a sweater for layering
4. a simple necklace to dress up the outfits

My only mistake were the boots. I know the heels don't look very high, but they were killing me by the end of the second day. From now on, only flats for travelling :)

For the train I chose a comfortable outfit of denim shirt and leggings. My net book kept me busy through the ride (I planned to do a lot of studying, but ended up chatting and watching movies with my friend; but if your focus is better than mine, train is the best place to finish the assignment that's been hanging over your head or finally clean the hard drive). And don't forget your favorite magazine, coffee mug and snacks to make the ride even more enjoyable.

For the fair I tried to look casual, but not too casual:  wanted to show the representatives I'm serious about attending their school. I think a white silk blouse together with black jeans and an oversized cardigan made the right impression:

After the fair we had two more days to just relax and walk around the city. I'm not going to be the first one to talk about layering, but come on... no better way to dress at fall, when the weather changes at the spur of a moment, and shopping malls and cafes are experimenting with air conditioning. Those clothes kept me warm and comfortable all weekend:
I hope those packing tips will help you guys, and I appreciate more tips from you!


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  1. Tatiana this post is so helpful! I visited Italy a few months back and you should have seen the size of my suitcase! :O