Sunday, August 5, 2012

floral skirt

I’m sure most of you girls regularly experience those “panic attacks”, when getting ready to go out, you open your packed closet and realize there’s absolutely nothing to wear!  The other day I was having one of those “panic attacks”. Fortunately, the floral skirt I’ve retrieved from the bottom of my closet (better say dug out) convinced me to save the nerves :) I completely forgot of its existence, so it was a pleasant surprise!
 I paired it with a simple tee and threw on a denim jacket. And the evening was saved :)

Go ahead and check the bottom of your wardrobe for some beautiful forgotten clothes! Let me know of your findings! 


Do you guys have that one item in your closets that’s just your favourite? And even if you have  lots of other  clothes you keep coming to it? Well, I have that kind of relationship with that cape dress. But I do feel I’ve abused it waaaay to often :) So more diversity from now on! Promise! :)

Anyways, just wanted to share with you the pictures from the wonderful evening with the cousins :) Laughing, joking, walking by the sea, taking pictures, sitting in the cafes... it doesn't get better than that!