Tuesday, July 17, 2012

making the family proud

My favourite cousin has graduated from university! Really? Already? Please, not so soon! I realize I sound a lot like the proud parents, who can't believe their kid is all grown up. But still, it seems only yesterday I started my freshman year and she was a junior. I thought it would take aaaages till Yulia’s graduation would come... I'll miss seeing that gorgeous lady around the campus! Anyways, enough about my feelings! :)

Yulia looked stunning! I loooved her black&white one shoulder dress, and the sleek pony tail, and the simple black heels! Elegant, sophisticated and feminine! Call me biased, but she was the most beautiful at that ceremony! But let's forget about the looks; I'm so proud she's graduated from uni with a red diploma! Smart and beautiful!

looove that picture! so silly!
After the ceremony we went out to Bar Italia. And it was great! It's just opened.The interior is beautiful, the prices are reasonable and the food is delicious! We've also got mussels as a free appetizer from the chef! Yay! 

The only drawback was that I've never eaten mussels before. Neither did my friends. So no one knew the proper way to eat them. I tried to use my fork and my knife, and if you've eaten mussels you'd know it's not so easy to do it using that cutlery :) As it turns out you're supposed to eat them with and empty shell, using it as tweezers to get the mussel out. When the waiter came back, you should've seen the look on his face. I bet he had a good laugh! haha :) I really need to read a book on the table etiquette! :) Have you guys had any embarrassing stories in the restaurants?

Later on in the evening we went out for the drinks, met with my cousin again, took some more pictures, and had a lot a lot a lot of fun!

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