Saturday, May 26, 2012

silly memories

Today's weather was awful! clouds all over the sky, rain pouring every now and then... so unlike a couple of days ago, when my eyes literally hurt from the sunlight and greenness in the streets. That day my gorgeous cousin and I went downtown and had the best time shooting bright summery pictures there. Afterwards we got those huge candy chickens (we are still arguing whose crazy idea was that!). They are 100% sugar and are super sweet… we threw them away after eating just a little bit (too sugary!). Some proven sources (aka my mom) even say that this was my favourite candy when I was a kid… Now, that is weird. :) Ever tried those, you guys? Anyways, it was a fun experience. Now we have a really hilarious story to tell our friends! :)

The warm memories from that day helped me survive today’s whole day of studying for the exams. It’s funny, how a potentially miserable day turned out just fine, just because of a silly memory about candy chickens
:) I hope, that this weekend you guys will make lots of good memories of that kind. And they will keep your mood up, when the weather is not cooperating. Have fun this weekend and I hope you'll enjoy the pictures! 


ps: I'm wearing: shorts - Calliope, top - TOPSHOP, bag - atmosphere, sandals - Plato, belt - second hand, earrings - Centro, charms bracelet - James Avery.


  1. Great photos and good luck with studying!
    Would you like to follow each other on GFC? :)


  2. Wow you girls look like you're having fun! So nice~

  3. Beautiful photos :-D you two look great ... and so happy :-D
    We are following you back with pleasure! :-D

  4. Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving such a sweet comment! You are wearing a few of my favorite colors in your pictures! You look very comfortable and casual :)

    Olivia Yuen

  5. Great fun photos! I like to look at old sunny pictures during bad days as well! Love your casual outfit, and those candy chickens look funny :)

  6. Those chicken lollipops are amazing! LOL! Love your outfit and photos!

    Have a great weekend!

  7. hey there nice blog... want to follow each other? pls follow me anf i will follow back..

  8. Lovely pictures! Cute blog.

  9. I'm following u back!