Friday, April 6, 2012


Do you guys make new years resolutions? I do. But  I don't really stick to them for too long. And such was the fate of my "i'm going to start running in the mornings" resolution.... until this week! :)
Everytime I went running before I chose the stadium nearby... and let's say running around in circles is just not for me. I got bored easily and dropped the whole idea soon. This time I tried a different approach. I ran down to the beach every morning to the amazing view below. And you know what? This isn't boring at all! And I kept to my resolution all week and am not going to stop... well, tomorrow is saturday. I'll probably sleep in... but I'll still go running whenever I wake up :)
Other than that huge act of self-discipline my week has been marked by an amazing indie rock concert I went to with my best friend. We know the band, so it's been really cool to come and support the guys!
 Here are some pictures from today. It was so windy, i'm surprised i've found those two pictures without hair all over my face :)
And here is an amazing scenery I enjoy every morning :)

I hope your week was amazing, guys! And have the best weekend!



  1. Wonderful photos!

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  2. Hey Sweets!
    Thank you for your comment and for following me! :) Hope you come back and visit soon! :)
    Gosh these views are just so beautiful! I envy you! If I had that nearby I'd probably go running three times a day LOL ;)

    Hugs to you!

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