Monday, April 16, 2012

Easter weekend

Yesterday was all about the family!  My mom woke me up at 10 am (in her words she couldn't wait any longer). We ate a delicious traditional breakfast of kyliches and easter eggs. Then we caught up with the last two Touch episodes (oh! we just looove that show). Then we went to the relatives house and spent most of the day there. My favourite cousin Yulia just came back from her trip to Nijnyi Novgorod (she's been there for a whole month) and we saw each other for the first time since she arrived home. So there was a lot of yelling and shrieking and laughing when we saw each other. My mom literally put fingers in her ears (haha!). And then we ate... We ate so much, that I couldn't even look at the food any longer and promised never to each again.:)
Later in the evening me and my cousin went downtown to meet some friends. The weather was so good, that noone wanted to sit in the cafe (or in any other closed space), so we went on a ferry trip around Sevastopol's harbours, which was perfect (here are the pictures from the ferry). Later on, when it got so cold that I couldn't feel my fingers, we went to a newly open bakery Kruton. I ordered a huge piece of citrus pie (the promise of not eating ever again happily forgotten!). All in all it was a very nice evening!

so happy today is a day off! spending it with my mom, trying to cram in some homework too! :)

how was your easter, guys?

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  1. tatiana, you look so natural and pretty. great hair, and love the expressions on your face. easter was busy with the kids, hope you had a good one. :)

    enjoy your evening!