Monday, March 19, 2012

hello, spring!

This weekend the spring finally acknowledged itself as spring (something it’s been denying for the first 17 days of  March)! Yay! So on Sunday morning Sevastopol woke up to the blue sky, shining sun and +15 °C degrees outside. I just “love” Ukrainian weather – it goes straight from 0 to +15 degrees in one night. Seriously – we go from thick winter parkas & boots to light trenches & ballerina shoes. No transition point! But not that I’m complaining! I was more than happy to get my favorite trench out :)

Here are some of the pictures from yesterday. I wore my two favorites – the white trench and the blue floral shirt. Hope you'll like them too :)

photos by photocalifornia

haha, you see me trying to do the modeling poses in some pictures (still inspired by ANTM). But I’m gonna have to face it: I look better just smiling :) So, with a smile on my face I’m finishing this post and off doing a paper for Management class (in for an all-nighter here). Have a wonderful week, you guys! Hope spring has come to you too! :)



  1. Spring did come!! I love your trench!

  2. Following you back, thank you! xx