Saturday, March 31, 2012

saturday fouettes

Hello, everyone! Remember my bright and sunny posts during the past couple of weeks? Well, the weather has gone back to 13 degrees Celsius yesterday, plus the wind, plus the rain. So today we had to cancel the horse riding trip with my friends, we’ve been planning for the past two weeks. Even though I was pretty upset, I didn’t want to sit at home all day. So I went to the dance studio. There were no ballet or contemporary classes (another disappointment), but there was a free studio for kids. I just love that room! C’mon the walls are painted in pink!!! There is no better therapy from the bad weather, than to dance in a room like that :)

I just practiced technique and improvised. My friend took a couple videos of me. Here’s one of me doing fouettes.Sorry guys, you gonna have to do a little neck exercise. My friend filmed me in vertical and I couldn't figure out how to flip the video to horizontal :(


Have a great Sunday, you guys!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

sunny sunday

Today has been another spring sunny day in Sevastopol. So I grabbed my friend and went on a day trip around the city. We walked for like miles - strolled through the streets, did a little shopping, ate delicious mint ice-cream, talked, laughed and just enjoyed the beautiful weather.
Well, I'll say no more and let the pictures talk!

borrowed my friend's purse here :) isn't it the cutest ever?
Trench - OGGI, skirt - Dorothy Perkins, shirt - Evie, bag - atmosphere, belt - second hand, shoes - BERTAN.

Have a great week, you guys!


Monday, March 19, 2012

hello, spring!

This weekend the spring finally acknowledged itself as spring (something it’s been denying for the first 17 days of  March)! Yay! So on Sunday morning Sevastopol woke up to the blue sky, shining sun and +15 °C degrees outside. I just “love” Ukrainian weather – it goes straight from 0 to +15 degrees in one night. Seriously – we go from thick winter parkas & boots to light trenches & ballerina shoes. No transition point! But not that I’m complaining! I was more than happy to get my favorite trench out :)

Here are some of the pictures from yesterday. I wore my two favorites – the white trench and the blue floral shirt. Hope you'll like them too :)

photos by photocalifornia

haha, you see me trying to do the modeling poses in some pictures (still inspired by ANTM). But I’m gonna have to face it: I look better just smiling :) So, with a smile on my face I’m finishing this post and off doing a paper for Management class (in for an all-nighter here). Have a wonderful week, you guys! Hope spring has come to you too! :)


Friday, March 9, 2012


Hello, my lovely readers!  Just wanted to share my today's inspiration with you!
As I was browsing through youtube videos I came across the true masterpiece - a fashion film for Chlo√©’s dance-inspired spring/summer 2011 collection. The first glance of the video left me speechless and made me keep on pushing that replay button for about a hundred more times. 

Everything from Janie Taylor's beautiful hair to director's work worked to create a truly timeless video. The music, the choreography, the unique angles the dance was shot from ... it just couldn't be done better. I wish I found that video earlier and have had an extra year of true inspiration. I hope you guys will like it as much as I did!

Friday, March 2, 2012

the perfect morning!

This week has been so difficult. The school work has reached its peak. I had to wake up at 6 am and go to bed at 1 am every day in order to get everything done. I literally couldn't roll out of my bed this morning, so I decided to skip today's class and just sleep. Luckily the professor didn't take attendance, so technically I was there :)

I started the morning with sleeping till 11, waking up, getting tea and éclairs from the kitchen, returning to my bed and savoring every second of that breakfast. I didn't have to rush to anywhere, ate sweet fattening food and read the most captivating book ever "The girl with the dragon tattoo" on my new kindle. The perfect morning!

Ballet class and meeting with a friend later on today! Perfect morning is turning into a perfect day :)