Wednesday, February 15, 2012

so you think you can dance ukraine

Today I found out that this Saturday So You Think You Can Dance Ukraine are having pre-tryouts in my city. Did you guys know, that before the actual tryouts that we see on TV there are pre-tryouts? The team from the broadcasting channel organizes it and picks who will be invited to TV castings. I didn't. Maybe they only do that in Ukraine? Anyways, there are 3 days remaining and I'm determined to make the most out of them so that I'm ready.

Today I spent 5 hours in the dance studio. I took three classes (ballet, pointe and contemporary) and stayed to rehearse by myself afterwards. My body is aching so bad right now. But it will be worth it. I hope I get to the TV casting, and then to Yalta, and then to top 20, and then... all right I'm back. I'll just try to make it to Saturday :)

Wish me luck, guys!


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  2. Oh wauw! I wish you the best! :)
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  3. Good for you! I hope you get called back!

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