Thursday, February 9, 2012


okaaay... hey! so I thought I'd start with just a couple of words about myself and I'm sure you guys will get to know me better by reading the blog :) I hope you'll like it and I'll do my best to make it readable and enjoyable!

 So, my name is Tatiana. I'm 19. I'm from the beautiful Sevastopol, Ukraine. I'm a junior at college. I'm also a dancer, been doing ballet for 9 years now. I'm posting some pictures of me dancing below (thank you, thank you photocalifornia for those amazing pictures). I'm a total dance addict, that's what I talk about constantly. So get ready for numerous dance related posts. But don't worry, I'll try to restrain myself and mix it up every now and then :).

 But this week is not about ballet, it's about reorganizing. My room is a total mess right now and I'm afraid I can't put away cleaning it up any longer. The spring semester started last week and I wanted to get my room ready for it. But I got that terrible flu, that kept me in bed since last Tuesday. The mess was getting on my nerves all week and now that I feel much better I'm soooooo ready to make that room beautiful and suitable for moving around without knocking something over :)

So... I'm off making my room beautiful. Oh, and if you have any tips about reorganizing, feel free to share them!


  1. beautiful pictures!!i love dancing! bellydance in particular!

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  2. you are absolutely gorgeous! you have a perfect body and a pretty face. love your blog! enjoyed looking.... i'm your newest follower from usa, and hoping to visit again and stay connected. all the best on your lovely blog, and have a great wknd!