Sunday, February 19, 2012


Yesterday was ... so many things! It was exciting because it was my first ever serious audition! It was also nervous! When I first stepped into the building where they held auditions I wanted to turn around and run home. There were so many people waiting in line, filling out applications, stretching, warming up. I just thought what are the odds of being selected out of all those people.

So You Think You Can Dance. Season 5. Auditions
After restraining my self-doubt I finally filled out the form, took my picture and went to change and warm-up. I met those two lovely girls, who were ballerinas just like me. It later turned out that they grew up in my neighborhood, in the block of apartments next to mine actually. How small is the world!

It's funny, but after half an hour the building didn't seem so hostile and overwhelming as it did when I first entered it! I met so many aspiring dancers and listened to people's dance stories. The super-talented guy Andrey I met a bit later watched me practicing my pirouettes and asked me to teach him how to do at least a single. In return he showed me that leg-flipping trick (can't remember the proper name for it). I failed doing it, but it was fun learning anyways!

There were also the hilarious dancers you see in TV castings. For example, a 54 years old woman with her husband, who introduced themselves as Carmen and José. They were terrible at dancing, but really energetic. Or the girl, who brought a stick with ribbons on it and claimed she had invented a new style of dance. And so many others!

Here is how the auditions worked. They divided us in groups of ten. Each group improvised together for one minute to the song of judges' choice. Then each person in the group did a solo improvising to the song (again of the judges' choice, but at least you could pick a style now). And then they did individual interviews with each dancer. Afterwards the producers will look through the tapes and decide who will be invited to TV castings and call you back sometime in april-may (gosh, what a long wait!).

My group was the literally the best! We had two crumpers, two hip-hoppers, one folk dancer, three contemporary/ballet dancers (including me), a disco dancer and a belly dance dancer. We immediately started talking, joking, laughing and it felt like we've known each other for some time already. The only drawback was that we were group #7. And considering it took at least 45 minutes for each group to audition, we waited for about 5 hours before our turn. It was really annoying, nerve wrecking, cold and we were all hungry. Well, we've solved the last problem by sharing all the food we had with us :)

Finally group #7 was called to the stage. For the group song we've got a latin ballroom rhythm. Considering we had no ballroom dancers in my group it was quite a task. But everyone did their best.
Then the solos started. For my solo I've got Adele's " Someone like your". I love Adele and it was great to actually dance to her song. I think I performed pretty good: nailed the pirouettes, jumped high, connected with the audience. People actually came up to me in the hallway and told how good I was. I hope they weren't just being polite :) I think my interview could have been better though. Looking back at it now, it doesn't seem  so bad, but back in the time I thought it went terrible. It was short and I'm not sure I managed to show them the real me. Well, it's no use crying over spilt milk. I hope they'll look at the dancing more than at the talking :)

When I got home I was exhausted, both physically and emotionally. I slept for 13 hours last night :) And it was so cool reliving yesterday while writing that post. I hope you guys will enjoy it! My little lesson from yesterday: even if something seems frightening at first, just go ahead and do it anyways! It might turn out to be one of the best days of your life!

And huge THANK YOU to those wonderful blog readers, who left their comments supporting me! I appreciate your support so much!

PS: My best friend just brought that cute homemade waffle cake to celebrate my first audition. How sweet is she! :) Well, I'm off gaining back all the calories I lost yesterday :) 



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