Thursday, February 23, 2012


Today I finally cleaned the hard drive on my laptop. I was putting that task away for some time, but the load of disorganized folders, documents and pictures could not be ignored any longer!

So as I was organizing the pictures, I found the photos from my trip to Nizhny Novgorod  in Russia. I visited my relatives there this January and spent the entire winter break in that beautiful city. Looking through the pictures made me want to jump into the time machine and bring January back. I thought I'd share some of the pictures with you guys!
 The main street of the city. There are those amazing forged statues all the way through it. My cousin and I had so much fun taking pictures with them :)

Sunday, February 19, 2012


Yesterday was ... so many things! It was exciting because it was my first ever serious audition! It was also nervous! When I first stepped into the building where they held auditions I wanted to turn around and run home. There were so many people waiting in line, filling out applications, stretching, warming up. I just thought what are the odds of being selected out of all those people.

So You Think You Can Dance. Season 5. Auditions
After restraining my self-doubt I finally filled out the form, took my picture and went to change and warm-up. I met those two lovely girls, who were ballerinas just like me. It later turned out that they grew up in my neighborhood, in the block of apartments next to mine actually. How small is the world!

It's funny, but after half an hour the building didn't seem so hostile and overwhelming as it did when I first entered it! I met so many aspiring dancers and listened to people's dance stories. The super-talented guy Andrey I met a bit later watched me practicing my pirouettes and asked me to teach him how to do at least a single. In return he showed me that leg-flipping trick (can't remember the proper name for it). I failed doing it, but it was fun learning anyways!

There were also the hilarious dancers you see in TV castings. For example, a 54 years old woman with her husband, who introduced themselves as Carmen and José. They were terrible at dancing, but really energetic. Or the girl, who brought a stick with ribbons on it and claimed she had invented a new style of dance. And so many others!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

so you think you can dance ukraine

Today I found out that this Saturday So You Think You Can Dance Ukraine are having pre-tryouts in my city. Did you guys know, that before the actual tryouts that we see on TV there are pre-tryouts? The team from the broadcasting channel organizes it and picks who will be invited to TV castings. I didn't. Maybe they only do that in Ukraine? Anyways, there are 3 days remaining and I'm determined to make the most out of them so that I'm ready.

Today I spent 5 hours in the dance studio. I took three classes (ballet, pointe and contemporary) and stayed to rehearse by myself afterwards. My body is aching so bad right now. But it will be worth it. I hope I get to the TV casting, and then to Yalta, and then to top 20, and then... all right I'm back. I'll just try to make it to Saturday :)

Wish me luck, guys!

Monday, February 13, 2012


My best friend got a new Nikon D5100 camera today! Of course we were super excited and couldn't wait to do our first photoshoot with it. But -10°C outside (the cold is back ... gosh, I want summer so baaad) stopped us from running outside to take some cute pictures. Instead we stayed at home and thought we'd do some test-runs. We shot for about 2 hours only to upload pictures on the computer and realize they were all blurred. All of them!
I just hope our next photoshoot will be more successful :)

Thursday, February 9, 2012


okaaay... hey! so I thought I'd start with just a couple of words about myself and I'm sure you guys will get to know me better by reading the blog :) I hope you'll like it and I'll do my best to make it readable and enjoyable!

 So, my name is Tatiana. I'm 19. I'm from the beautiful Sevastopol, Ukraine. I'm a junior at college. I'm also a dancer, been doing ballet for 9 years now. I'm posting some pictures of me dancing below (thank you, thank you photocalifornia for those amazing pictures). I'm a total dance addict, that's what I talk about constantly. So get ready for numerous dance related posts. But don't worry, I'll try to restrain myself and mix it up every now and then :).

 But this week is not about ballet, it's about reorganizing. My room is a total mess right now and I'm afraid I can't put away cleaning it up any longer. The spring semester started last week and I wanted to get my room ready for it. But I got that terrible flu, that kept me in bed since last Tuesday. The mess was getting on my nerves all week and now that I feel much better I'm soooooo ready to make that room beautiful and suitable for moving around without knocking something over :)

So... I'm off making my room beautiful. Oh, and if you have any tips about reorganizing, feel free to share them!