Sunday, December 23, 2012

new sweater

Hey, lovelies!

Just wanted to show you one of my latest purchases - this amazing gray sweater with silver coloured thread in the yarn. I fell in love with diamante embellished neck and jewel details. They make the sweater look so festive and sophisticated, and just plain beautiful. What do you think?

Friday, December 21, 2012 collaboration

I’ve just been offered a collaboration by to promote their jewelry and I’m super excited about it! is an online fashion clothing wholesaler, and they offer a wide range of gorgeous chick clothing & jewelry with an added benefit of low wholesale prices. I’ll present a piece of their jewelry every month and share my honest opinion with you guys!

So, ready for today's piece? A Euro StyleVintage Hollow-out Petals Fake Neck Necklace
 I must say I've become obsessed with collar necklaces lately, so when I saw that beautiful necklace my heart melted!! :)

 The little petals and flowers look so delicate and exquisite! Worn on top a denim shirt, with a simple sweater or with a party dress, that necklace will sure become an eye-catcher and a source of admiration for the sole price of $7.28. What do you think, guys?

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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

animal print shirt

Hey, guys! Here is a quick post of today's outfit!
This morning I had a bad case of "I have no idea what to wear" kind of morning :), so I went with the basics (they just never fail, don't they?): black coat, jeans, and comfortable booties, mixed it up with the animal print shirt, which I looove, it adds such a chic touch to any outfit. What do you think?

ps: Hope your week is going great, guys, and you've got the festive mood for upcoming holidays! I'm going Christmas shopping tomorrow! soooooo excited :) yay!

Monday, December 10, 2012


Hey, guys! This past week has been craaaaazy! Finals week at uni can only mean: lots of sleepless nights studying, countless papers to turn in, labs to finish and finals to take… oh! and gallons of coffee to make it through! :) But I’ve survived and am now enjoying a couple days off before my next exam on Thursday.

To celebrate the difficult yet prolific week we headed to a great new café/restaurant Grass-café. It definitely is my favorite café now. It’s got two walls made completely of glass, and the view on the night city is breathtaking (you probably can’t see it in the pictures, but just take my word for it :) - it’s gorgeous). It was a fun fun fun night – a perfect end to an eventful week!

And another great news this week! My favorite gorgeous beautiful cousin Yulia has finally started her own blog! Yay! My everyday inspiration, style advisor, and overall best mood maker is now a blogger! Just follow this link and I can guarantee you’re in for a great blog!

Ууух, ну и неделька выдалась! Зачетная неделя в универе, куча заданий, рефератов, лабораторных, практических, бессонных ночей и литров кофе! И все это ради заветной записи в зачетке и чувства счастья и свободы, когда все наконец-то сдано :) Следующий экзамен только в четверг, так что у меня еще есть пара денечков, чтобы отдохнуть и поделиться с вами накопившимися новостями :)

Отпраздновать сложную неделю мы пошли в новое кафе
Grass-café! Шикааарное место, одно из моих любимых теперь! Две стены полностью из стекла, невероятный вид на ночной город... фотографии не могут передать эту красоту! И было таааааак весело - замечательный конец недели!

И еще отличные новости! Моя любимая сестричка наконец-то завела свой блог! Урааа! Переходите по этой ссылке, чтобы попасть на блог моего ежедневного вдохновения и лучшего советчика по стилю!!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

aztec coat



Can you believe that this coat with a fabulous aztec print is thrifted?! Even though it's a little too big, so I'm gonna have to tailor it a bit and maybe add some leather details, I couldn't wait to share my new favorite with you, guys! Isn't it a great alternative to the mass of black and grey of winter coats? What do you think?


Юхуу! Нашла на секонде замечательное пальто с этническим мотивом! И хотя оно большевато (придется его немного ушить, и еще думаю добавить пару кожаных деталей), мне не терпелось показать Вам мое теперь любимое пальтишко. Отличная альтернатива серым и черным зимним пальто! Согласны? :)

Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Hey, guys! Just wanted to share a few pictures from the recent lighthouse photoshoot. Don't you just love the location?!